Thursday, March 01, 2012

(Only) KVM over IP to the Rescue!

The Problem: Server down, Blue Screen of Death, Server Crash, Frozen OS, Hanging Application, No Access, Business Downtime...

Way out: IP KVM, Remote KVM Access, BIOS Level Access, Hard Reboot, Reboot Process Monitoring, Server Up Again, Business Continuity, No Lost Transactions!

And to the point – there are two server down-time scenarios that every IT admin has nightmares about, and that ONLY a reliable KVM over IP solution in place, ready to go, can solve in real time: 
  • OS Crash 
  • Network Downtime
In the first case, a hanging OS means this server is not operational! Any app or software that relies on the operating system as a platform to run is just not available. Only a remote KVM connection (KVM over IP) gives you a graphical view of the entire reboot process (including the BIOS stage) and allows you to interfere along the way. While other solutions, such as a combination of software and hardware (IPMI), could provide similar functionality, it is missing one important feature - the graphical view.

In the second scenario, the server is not to be blamed but rather the network connection is down (for any number of reasons). In this situation, you need a back door emergency entrance to that server to make sure all is ok until the network guys will get the situation resolved. Again only a KVM over IP device, through its own network connection, will get you right away to that cut off server.

A lot of the time we confuse between software based remote access and hardware based remote KVM access. It’s true that there are many different remote access tools out there these days, almost every infrastructure vendor offers his own tool, and all are excellent software apps that deliver on their promise day after day.. Except for that one, unavoidable, time where something goes wrong in the server environment and the OS is not responding or cannot be reached.

But server environments don’t necessarily have to be mega data centers or colo facilities. Any small to medium business that does not want to experience down time view itself as a mission critical setup, where the seconds of down time tick away and only some sort of powerful KVM over IP technology in place can stop those seconds from turning into long minutes or hours of night mare.

So, it’s important once in a while to get back to the basics and remind ourselves that KVM over IP is one tool you never want to be missing in the IT manager’s toolbox.

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david and mary grace said...

What scenarios can cause a KVMoIP solution to crash, thereby bringing down server(s) connected to it?

IT Support said...

Incorrect installation, or downright failure of the device. I would guess, that might cause a KVMoIp to crash

Eric B. said...

The latest Java update appears to have made our Smart 232IP unusable. I love it and don't want to give it up. Will there be a firmware update soon?

Ivo P. said...

Our latest firmware supports 32bit Java 1.6.xx or 1.7.xx, so it should not be a problem to run it with the latest Java. Contact the Tripplite support team for assistance. The KVM should be at 2.1.594 firmware, the 2 KVMIP cards insde at

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