Monday, April 26, 2010

Video: Data Center Monitoring Spoof – Sarah Palin & Larry King

The animated Palin actually gets it: the need to view the health of IT infrastructures in real time, the dynamic nature of the data center, and the value of an automated monitoring system.

What would Sarah Palin say about Minicom’s
remote access solution, whose open platform approach accommodates changing needs of the data center?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanic Ash & Data Centers: To be Determined

According to this ChannelWeb article, the volcanic eruption in Iceland that brought air travel to a screeching halt may have some unpleasant ramifications for data centers:

“Data centers are constructed to withstand environmental extremes and natural disasters, but volcanic ash is known for its ability to wreak havoc on desktops, servers, and basically any type of IT infrastructure that has moving parts.”

Lighting doesn’t strike twice, but volcanoes are known for repeated eruptions. Despite a push for Iceland as a prime location for data centers (competitively priced hydroelectric power and geothermal energy, electricity from emission-free, sustainable natural resources), concerns about volcanic ash may cause companies to reevaluate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Minicom Lowers Operational Costs and Increases Operational Efficiency for Data Centers and Server Rooms

With enhanced version of remote access management solution offering expanded support for PDU and console server vendors, IT managers preserve existing equipment

We are introducing an enhanced version of our remote access management platform, AccessIT™, at Interop Las Vegas 2010, Booth #2729. With AccessIT, a Web-based management solution, IT personnel impose order on the chaos of mixed product environments with fast, secure, and simple remote access.

System crashes in the data center are potentially disastrous given today’s expectations of 24/7 uptime, and short resolution time is essential. AccessIT’s speed makes a significant difference when a server is down. IT managers shave critical seconds off downtime using single sign-on. Mission critical applications are restored quickly, with minimal disruption of workflow. With the inclusion of single sign-on and exclusive mode, users of AccessIT can now enjoy even more peace of mind when it comes to security. IT managers love that they can get the system up and running in hours rather than days or weeks, and that there is a short learning curve for new personnel.

A unique, open platform system, this cost-effective solution saves on IT expenditure by preserving past investments and preventing vendor lock-in. The latest version of AccessIT is an embodiment of Minicom’s Real Needs™ approach. The ability to repurpose power, KVM, and serial equipment rather than replacing it with all new products radically reduces the overall cost of introducing a remote access management system. Companies only buy what they need rather than having to purchase entire packages. By embracing IT products from a wide range of vendors, AccessIT enables organizations to leverage their existing IT equipment, knowledge, and training. Additionally, this open platform system opens up choices: businesses have the freedom of choosing IT infrastructure products and vendors based on value, performance and quality.

IT managers enjoy a “single pane of glass” view of their IT infrastructure and access methods (power, serial, KVM, and software), enabling quick, easy access and control. AccessIT now supports a wide range of vendors of PDUs, such as APC, Black Box, CyberSwitching, Geist, Dell, Eaton, HP, and Server Technology, and a large selection of vendors of console servers, such as Cyclades (Avocent), Digi International, Aten, Perle Systems Limited, and OpenGear.

Visit Minicom at Interop in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 27th through 29th, at Booth #2729.


If you can't make it to Interop this time, you can still test drive AccessIT via our online demo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Optimistic Outlook for US And Global IT Market

You many not want to shell out $1749 for the full report, but even the table of contents from Forrester’s take on IT trends is encouraging:
  • The $741 Billion US Tech Industry Is Recovering
  • The US IT Market Is Set For 8% Growth In 2010
  • US Industries That Had The Biggest Declines Will Have The Biggest Gains In 2010
  • PCs, Peripherals, And Storage Will Shine In 2010; Software Closely Follows
  • Global IT Purchases In Dollars Will Grow By 7.7 % In 2010
This report cites numbers to document the upswing that people are talking about with cautious optimism.

Are you feeling the recovery? Is your data center getting what it needs to work the way it should?