Monday, April 12, 2010

Optimistic Outlook for US And Global IT Market

You many not want to shell out $1749 for the full report, but even the table of contents from Forrester’s take on IT trends is encouraging:
  • The $741 Billion US Tech Industry Is Recovering
  • The US IT Market Is Set For 8% Growth In 2010
  • US Industries That Had The Biggest Declines Will Have The Biggest Gains In 2010
  • PCs, Peripherals, And Storage Will Shine In 2010; Software Closely Follows
  • Global IT Purchases In Dollars Will Grow By 7.7 % In 2010
This report cites numbers to document the upswing that people are talking about with cautious optimism.

Are you feeling the recovery? Is your data center getting what it needs to work the way it should?

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