Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Case For Remote Access Options For Employees

Tech Republic talks about the advantages of about remote worker initiatives, saying:

“Very few initiatives help IT departments save money while they increase the reach and service of their infrastructure; but a well thought-out remote access strategy can do just that. It can help it give distributed users the access they need to the information and resources they require from wherever they are located, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, if done right, a remote access strategy can reduce the complexity and ongoing security and management headaches that have typically resulted from extending the reach of the network to remote users.”

Amen to that!
Minicom’s remote access solutions are living examples of how to reduce IT complexity and management headaches.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s
what satisfied users of our solutions have to say:

“Because we are not limited by physical location and can work remotely, this system really helps us reduce our response time. Minicom’s solution maximized our existing KVM infrastructure and investment, adding remote functionality to what we already had.”
Director Li, head of the Technical Department of the Library in Beihang University.

“Minicom’s KVM IP solution is very appealing because I can manage my whole network from my desk. They offered the most cost effective solution with the best technology to simplify management of our network.”
Charlie Maillet, IT engineering and operations specialist for Ohio’s Area Agency on Aging District 7

Still not convinced? More reasons to implement the ability to work remotely (per the article):

“A well thought-out remote access strategy can become a differentiator for an organization, supporting high-level business objectives that deliver strategic value. It can support disaster recovery preparedness, reduce environmental impacts, and create a flexible work environment that gives the organization an improved ability to attract and retain top talent…It is not often you can develop an IT strategy that is able to play defense (save money) and offense (improve reach to boost productivity and business continuity) at the same time. In the face of these myriad benefits, it is worth it for organizations to make the transition to a more strategic and effective remote access strategy to ensure business can be done from anywhere at anytime to maintain or increase their competitive edge.”

See for yourself –
try our demo to witness firsthand the benefits of remote access.

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