Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Minicom’s Answer to the Ten Things You Won't Find in Your Datacentre in 2010

This article on ZDNet UK gives a concise and cogent forecast of what data centers will look like over the next year.

On the disadvantages of unified architectures (something you won’t see):

“The downside is you reduce your discounting power, and your technology choices are similarly limited by those the vendor will sell you. It is called lock-in.”

Real Needs™ approach in perfect harmony with the school of thought that challenges the benefits of unified architectures, recognizing that it is too limiting. The basic philosophy of our Real Needs approach is to make sure that you have the most efficient hardware for your data center requirements without spending IT dollars for equipment that you don't need, regardless of vendor. That’s why we offer KVM IP capability, remote power control, and remote access management for products from a wide range of companies. We want to give you solutions that make sense technically and economically, rather than forcing you to stay wedded to one vendor.

Another thing you won’t see: single pane of glass

“When it comes to management, vendors promise a single pane of glass — being able to view the whole network and infrastructure from one console. But what they offer usually extends only to their own systems or possible other systems like theirs.”

A ha! Minicom is not scared of enabling access to other systems, and in fact, recognizes and responds to this real life scenario with real life answers. Our remote access management solutions,
KVM.net® II and AccessITTM, provide a single pane of glass for all industry-leading, in-band and out-of-band remote access services.

Unique, open platform systems, these cost-effective solutions save on IT expenditure by preserving past investments and preventing vendor lock-in. By embracing products from a wide range of companies and vendors, KVM.net II and AccessIT let organizations leverage their existing product knowledge and training, while reducing the cost of adopting an access management platform.

Prove ZDNet wrong – check out
our demo to see how you can have a single pane of glass in 2010!

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