Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Minicom Interview

This week the Minicom Interview speaks to Simon Perry from Quocirca. Simon is Principal Associate Analyst to Quocirca. He specialises in environmental sustainability issues and their implications to business models. His particular interest is the role that IT can play in supporting transformational business society and new ways of working

Minicom Blog: Hi Simon, thanks for joining us.
Simon Perry: My pleasure.

MB: What do you see as the current data center trends?
SP: Energy efficiency regardless of the hardware or software architecture in the data center. The main concern is how much energy is it consuming? Then there are the issues of sustainability, cost and climate control.

MB: Electricity usage is a big issue isn’t it?
SP: Yes. Back three years ago it was about the physical placement of the racks in the room but now people are thinking about an efficient approach to electricity consumption. For instance, how much will be needed to cool the room.

MB: What are the other key data center issues?
SP: Virtualization as well as the utilization of floor space. And with the real estate market as it is people want to maximize every square foot of space they have. To do so the answer is to go up vertically. Cable clutter is another major concern as it blocks cooling and create hotspots. But all of these issues are interconnected.

MB: Speaking of real estate, appears to be many new data centers opening up in remote locations.

SP: That’s as labor is cheaper there, the cost of the property is cheaper and there is actually more electricity available there.

MB: With the technology, won’t things get smaller?
SP: Miniaturization will increase floor efficiency but the energy density per floor space will go up as will heat density. Even though the technology sees the size of devices decreasing they use as electricity as they did 20 years ago. The demands for processing

MB: Been a pleasure speaking to you Simon.
SP: Likewise

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