Monday, June 28, 2010

Extend the Life of Your PS/2 Data Center Equipment

Minicom’s PS/2 to USB Converter, a small, plug & play converter which enables the use of a USB keyboard and mouse with PS/2 devices, transforms PS/2 equipment from outdated hardware to valuable tools for today's data centers.

For many years PS/2 was the keyboard/mouse technology of choice for servers, KVM switches, and KVM extenders. Today, USB is the industry standard. Like any adoption of new technology, this shift is accompanied by some growing pains, and IT managers must grapple with how to incorporate USB technology within a budget. The PS/2 to USB Converter lets IT managers use their existing PS/2 KVM switches, servers, and KVM extenders with a USB keyboard and/or mouse, updating capabilities for IT equipment that would otherwise be obsolete.

Learn more about the PS/2 to USB Converter

New! USB capability for Smart 108/116

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