Wednesday, December 01, 2010

3 Common Mistakes Made When Relocating Data Centers

Post by Eran Kessel

Mistake #1: IT managers create an organizational disaster when trying to keep track of IP addresses, password, and user names on spreadsheets. accessing servers and IT equipment is a given because of the increased dependency on remote access tools like KVM IP, RDP, VNC, iLO, SSH and others. All these tools are associated with confidential information which must remain secure.

Fix it: Organizations should use a remote access management SW to gain quick and secure access to their IT hardware using all thier remote access tools. Remote access management provides companies with the tool to securely organize all their protocols, IP addresses, and passwords, which allows the IT staff to work together no matter where they are located.

Mistake #2: Technical teams are often forced to compromise on tools they do not like to use. Different technical teams need different tools to do their different jobs, and different technologies are better served by certain tools. Every team or individual will advocate for the tool they like best because in turn they will be more productive with the tools they know and are accustomed to.

Fix it: Let your IT staff enjoy the freedom of choice in remote access tools by employing a remote access management strategy that provides an efficient and secure method for managing many different remote access tools.

Mistake #3: Businesses unnecessarily replace hardware and invest in new proprietary power, KVM, and serial equipment, rather than using their existing, up and running server room or data center infrastructure. This ineffectively increases overall costs for the company.
Fix it: By adding a remote access management solution such as AccessIT™, designed by Minicom, you have the ability to keep your current hardware and accommodate IT products from a wide range of vendors. AccessIT allows businesses to continue reaping the already-made investment in their existing IT equipment, knowledge, and training, while also giving the liberty to choose their own IT infrastructure products according to what fits their needs and their budget. In short, this solution reduces overall costs and allows your business to invest its money elsewhere.

Looking for more ways to avoid mistakes? You can learn more about how to efficiently manage your data center at the Winds of Change: Creative Concepts for Increasing Data Center Efficiency, hosted by the Data Center Alliance at Georgia Tech University on December 8, 2010.

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Eran Kessel is a VP Marketing & Products at Minicom

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