Monday, December 05, 2011

What do slices of a hot Pizza have to do with DCIM?

No Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is complete without a Remote Access Management system in place!
The Full DCIM Pizza

Yes, you heard right. Now, you are probably asking, what does Remote Access Management have to do with DCIM?

The answer is - A lot! Today infrastructure equipment at all levels is becoming more important and more critical to the smooth operation of data centers, in other words, it has direct impact on lowering costs, tightening security and increasing efficiency. But DCIM is not only about monitoring and planning, it is also about managing all your access control tools and methods.

Remote Access Management (RAM) is one of the most vital slices of the DCIM ‘Pizza’ that is not getting the full attention it deserves. So let’s cut the chase and state it clearly: All other DCIM slices, as important as they may be, are compromised if you cannot manage the access to your data center infrastructure!

Think of the ordering process of a hot, sizzling family Pizza – the pictures on the website look awesome, you can practically “smell” the Pizza over the phone. The person taking your order is sweet and polite, you get all the flavors you asked for and you even get a special price for being such a nice guy, but – all this is worthless without a fast and reliable delivery that brings the Pizza hot and sizzling to your doorstep…  

So why don’t you take a closer look at your overall DCIM strategy and make sure that you have all the slices in place, and not missing the management of your remote access!

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DCIM Software said...

Great article, I love the analogy. Having worked in the data center management space for a few years now I definitely agree that RAM is very important and is sometimes not valued like it should be. It's crucial to operating a smooth and worry-free data center.

Doug Leven said...

I’m currently consulting with another company, usually on-call in case a problem arises that the current tech cannot handle. Remote accessing for me is second nature, and it really helps that I don't have to rush across town for every detail that I can probably solve via a phone call.

Doug Leven

Ruby @ WilliamsDataManagement said...

In DCIM, the RAM can act as the backup. With this, you can be sure that you’ll have a backup of your documents in case your system crashes. You just have to make sure that your data admins can easily access these data so that you won't have to experience mishaps and delays on very urgent information.