Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SmartRack KVM Drawer + 116/116 IP Switch

At last week's Interop 2008 we unveiled four new products the first of which was the Smart 116/116 IP. This product along with the other three was designed following Minicom's new Real Needs™ initiative, focusing on preserving the clients' KVM legacy infrastructure.

This new SmartRack series comes with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Available
as a stand alone unit, or integrated with either a 116 or 116 IP, the new modular design allows for customers to buy what they need at the time and upgrade as their needs do.
The great thing about the SmartRack KVM switches is that they are compatible with all major operating systems and can control any server’s brand and model, regardless of the server condition and network connectivity, covering the entire spectrum of crash scenarios. Use the KVM switch to control up to 16 servers in multiple platforms (PS/2, USB). Minicom’s innovative ROC technology has each computer/ server directly connected to the switch via a ROC using standard CAT5 cable at a distance of up to 30m/100ft in a star configuration.
It is a a single rail solution that occupies just 1U of rack space.
The SmartRack 116 IP extends your KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) from any computer or server over TCP/IP via LAN, WAN or Internet connection. Now you can control, monitor and manage up to 16 remote servers from wherever you are, inside or outside the organization. It's a cost-effective hardware solution, for secure remote KVM access & control of 16 computers/servers from the BIOS level - independent of the OS. One local analog or one remote digital IP user can access and control 16 multi-platforms (PS/2, USB) servers at a time.

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Jennifer said...

Undoubtedly minicom is the ultimates sol. provider for kvm extenders and drawers.

KVM Drawer said...

It extends your KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) from any computer or server over TCP/IP via LAN. But the perfect product for such applications is a KVM Drawer with integrated KVM Switch.

KVM Drawer said...

The features of SmartRack 116 IP are really amazing. The knowledge you have shared in this post is very useful.