Monday, June 16, 2008

Real Needs

Today we launched the® II centralized remote access system. It empowers IT administrators to remotely access all their distributed IT assets such as KVM, serial, power and network devices via a single IP address.

Today’s IT departments must work with multiple interfaces, user names and passwords.® II radically simplifies life for these IT managers by providing centralized, unified secure access to all their globally distributed services and network devices via a single click of a link on the portal.® II’s powerful Access Services™ feature supports a wide range of remote access technologies including KVM, Serial, RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, VMware, HP ILO and web services.
IT managers are excited about the auto login feature that bypasses the login pages of the predefined access services providing a seamless expedited access experience.

Minicom designed an intuitive graphical user interface that makes configuration so simple; the entire system can be learned in a day. Minicom has also responded to the budgetary restrictions on IT departments by offering a unique Real Needs™ approach. As the only centralized remote access system to offer 3rd party switch support,® II rejuvenates your existing KVM infrastructure.

With Minicom’s unique Real Needs™ approach you simply add a technology layer on top of your analog KVM switches, safeguarding your investment and maximizing ROI. This cost-effective solution, where you buy only what you need, costs less than half the price of competing systems. It also provides the market’s most environmentally friendly solution, as it “recycles” your existing KVM infrastructure.® II’s open architecture even keeps your future options open, by allowing you to add the equipment that best suits you when the need arises.

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