Monday, June 30, 2008

Stamp of Approval

In the latest edition of the German Network Computing magazine, they tested the Smart 116 IP in a small-medium size business environment: a local user and a remote user (100m distant) operating 4 PS/2 servers (windows 2003 and linux based), connected to a 100 mbit/s-switch.

Only eight manufacturers sent a solution for this scenario: Aten , Avocent, Belkin, Raritan, Daxten, D-link, Gutermann & Drunk and Lindy. The first four companies (and Minicom) used UTP cable solutions, and the rest, KVM cable. The test concluded that UTP is better because it is easier to find at resellers, it doesn’t need a special adapter and it goes longer distances.

Test result: On a scale of 0-5, the Smart 116IP got 4. This was the same as the Avocent AutoView3100 solution. Top marks went to the Lindy KVM-Switch U8-Modular (using a KVM extender instead of KVM IP) which got 4.68 points. The positive points of the Smart 116IP were the security functions and the

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