Sunday, September 21, 2008

Minicom Offers Leasing Program for Today’s Tight Budgets

For Immediate Release: (Applies to North American HQ only)

“We want to introduce you to our new Minicom / Direct Capital Corp Leasing partnership, says Saul Mishaan, President of Minicom in North America, which provides our customers a means to finance Minicom’s equipment. We all realize that budgets are tight and a lot of potential customers either can't get financing or choose not to spend their cash reserve on a capital investment at this time. Leasing can be a very valuable tool to help close more sales.”

“Some of the advantages of leasing are that it saves cash reserves and is profitable the first day the equipment is used as well as allows the customer to get the size of equipment they need, not just what they can afford, said James P. Broom , CEO of Direct Capital (DCC). The tax advantages could be considerable and we can offer 24 hour turnaround on applications. We are very pleased to offer this program to Minicom and you and hope to help in closing more sales.”

About Direct Capital (DCC)

Direct Capital (DCC), headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, is a national finance company founded in 1993 to provide equipment and technology financing to companies of all sizes.

For more information contact:
Direct Capital– NH Headquarters155 Commerce WayPortsmouth, NH 03801
Client Services Team: 800-253-0157Phone: 866-777-0117Fax: 800-875-0312

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