Thursday, September 18, 2008

NEW PRODUCTS: Multi-user KVM Switches - Smart 216 / Smart 232

Minicom announces the launch of two new multi-user KVM switches for IT managers of server rooms and data centers – the Smart 216 and the Smart 232. The new products allow two users to control up to 16 or 32 mixed-platform (PS/2 & USB) servers. They also provide seamless power control via Minicom's Serial Remote Power Switch (RPS).

Easy installation via user friendly OSD and compatibility is increased thanks to USB keyboard and mouse console.

Physically, the Smart 216 and Smart 232 are both thin 1U sized, rack-mountable devices that save critical space in crowded computer room environments. They both feature Minicom KVM over CAT5 technology that directly connects the switch to each computer in the server room, eliminating cable clutter and extending the distance between server and switch up to 30m/100ft.

“Thanks to their advanced functionality the Smart 216 and Smart 232 overcome many of the challenges facing today’s crowded server rooms and data centers,” says Minicom’s KVM Product Manager Benny Hayumi. “They are the ideal solution for corporate server rooms requiring both a powerful and versatile KVM solution.”

The Smart 216 and Smart 232 strengthen Minicom’s position in the KVM market by going to the next level of control. From a single remote user product line (Smart 108, Smart116) Minicom now offers a dual user line. In addition Minicom offers a full line of remote access switches for both single and multiple users (Smart 116 IP, Smart 216 IP and Smart 232 IP)

To learn more, download and read our latest white paper “How to Achieve Cost-Efficient Data Center Growth” through centralized management that leverages your existing KVM infrastructure.

Minicom’s entire line of KVM Products is available in an online catalog. Also, view case studies from different industries featuring Minicom KVM products.

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