Sunday, October 26, 2008

Webinar on Demand: Achieving Remote Server KVM Access to Your Data Center

In case you didn't catch our Webinar covering Remote Server Access for your Data Center, an archived version is available so you can watch it any time, at your convenience.

Total Time: 22 minutes

Title: "Achieving Remote Server KVM Access to Your Data Center"

Speaker: David Zucker, Director of KVM Business Development at Minicom

Talking points:
  • Why we suggest not throwing out perfectly good KVM switches and serial devices just because you need to upgrade to an IP environment.
  • How you save time, money, and training headaches by concentrating on your Real Needs.
  • What our competitors do not want you to know about extending the lives of your products.

Watch it now - it's FREE!

You can also download the corresponding white paper:

"KVM IP Management for Today’s IT Budget"

Add-on Technology that maximizes your IT installed base

Fortunately, there exists a Real Needs approach that allows you to cost-effectively achieve remote access and management by adding a KVM IP technology layer on top of your existing analog switches thereby preserving and maximizing your current investment. Read Minicom’s new white paper that elaborates on this Real Needs approach.

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