Thursday, January 22, 2009

Minicom KVM Switch Technology Chosen by the Largest Bus and Tram Operator in Gothenburg, Sweden

Minicom’s keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch technology was selected by the largest bus and tram operator in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Customer is the largest bus and tram operator in Gothenburg, Sweden. The overcrowding in their seven Network Operations Centers (NOCs) was causing slow downs in operations and service. They wanted to cut down on equipment to streamline operations. Each NOC had a single manager monitoring eight servers. These servers were in turn connected to eight monitors, which they want to keep. They wanted to reduce the numbers of keyboards and mice from eight to one in every one of the NOC´s.

The Bus Company contacted a system integrator that works with Intronics Sweden. They told them what they were looking for and asked for help in building a solution. Intronics turned to Minicom. Minicom suggested installing a single Smart 108 KVM switch plus eight VGA extenders for the monitors at each NOC. This was a new technology for Intronics Sweden, so they first tested some other brands, but Minicom´s solution was finally chosen as the best. Intronics installed a Smart 108 KVM switch for switching the keyboard and mouse between the servers and a VGA extender for connecting each monitor to a server.

It was mainly a question of time and money. The quick delivery was a big part of the solution, because they had a strict time limit in which they had to finish the installation. Minicom was able to deliver its solution within the two week deadline. As a result of the Minicom solution, the Bus Company has decreased the numbers of keyboards and mice in their NOCs. Their managers are now more effective since they no longer have to jump around the office going from PC to PC and can control all their servers from a single console.

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