Monday, April 20, 2009

Branch offices need remote KVM access to survive

It is no longer only large companies that have multiple locations. With the increase in globalization more and more small and medium sized businesses have branch offices and satellite locations. These locations may have a server or two that is critical to its business, but each location can’t afford its own IT person. For one IT person to manage distant IT is nearly impossible without KVM IP access.

As part of their normal service routine, servers and computers must be maintained regularly. This includes: updating anti-virus software, spyware, applications, etc., reconfiguring firewalls, installing updates for your O/S and hardware drives, and the list goes on and on. All these tasks can be performed remotely by using Remote KVM Access.

Remote access reduces expensive travel costs for IT staff to remote locations. With oil prices at record levels, the less staff must travel, the better it is for the bottom line.

Remote KVM IP access has become the standard at the enterprise level and now medium and small sized businesses need it in order to survive.

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