Thursday, April 23, 2009

Support Report: Smart 232 Cascaded with Phantom System

Occasionally I get to work on interesting applications; here is another solution that I would like to share… I had been requested to find a solution for real out-of-band Keyboard/Video/Mouse access from two consoles (that are located in a control room) to multiple racks in the server room.

For this I proposed to use our Smart 232A KVM Switch that will be installed on each rack. The Smart 232A is a two user KVM Switch that allows two users connecting simultaneously to 32 servers. On top of that I daisy-chained the Phantom system with Specter USB over CAT5 cable. This allowed two users sitting in the control room to select which rack they wanted to access and which server within the rack to control.

The connection from the two controlling consoles to the servers is done through the daisy chained CAT5 cable to give real time video & mouse control.

Learn more about the Phantom or Smart 232A systems.

Thanks to Nir Dary, Minicom's Technical Support Manager for this Support Report!

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