Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fear of Swine Flu Prompts Business Continuity Plan

If you are a medium business owner, CIO or IT Manager, what can you do to protect yourself and the company you work for if the swine flu reaches your city or town? In a recent article “Swine flu prompts CIOs to prepare business continuity plans” some practical ideas were brought up about what can be done if you are forced to work from home. Some companies in Southern California are already taking measures to insure business continuity, in case of emergency.

Some of the highlights from the article:

Stephanie Balaouras, a principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., said CIOs must check the limitations of the remote access technologies available in the organization to prevent what she described as a 'gotcha situation' -- believing the business is more prepared than it really is.

She goes on to say “having a workforce continuity strategy as part of a business continuity strategy and in addition to a disaster recovery strategy is an important investment across the business.” (click to go to full article)

This is good advice, but what if you don’t know where to start? How can Minicom help you be prepared and keep your server room safe and secure?
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