Monday, May 18, 2009

Improved Out-of-Band Remote Access for Mixed Linux and Windows Clients Environments

Press Release:

Latest IP KVM extenders and switches provide enhanced security features, wider OS and browser support and a stylish, easy to operate user interface.

Minicom, a leading developer of KVM switches, extenders and access management solutions announced the release of an updated version for its IP based KVM product lines. These provide corporate IT staff with secure, BIOS-level, remote access to mission-critical server rooms and data centers.

Minicom's KVM lines offer enhanced web-based access supported by the highest AES 256 industry leading security encryption standard for safe communication and data transfer together with expanded support for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on Windows and Linux platforms.

“Secure, below the OS remote access to the corporate server room is a mission-critical task for business continuity at all times, across any OS or browser” commented Benny Hayumi Minicom KVM Product Manager “Our mission is to provide solutions that enhance the level of IT service in organizations. This we provide with the expanded platform and browser support and the enhanced security that includes a lower number of open TCP/IP ports and an advanced exclusive and active share-mode. Our new client GUI is extremely friendly and simple to operate”.

Customers that have purchased Minicom products in the past will be able to perform a simple field upgrade in order to benefit from these features and benefits.

For an online test drive of Minicom IP products and more information about products and solutions please visit the Minicom Website.

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