Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Press Release: New Open Management System for Remote Access

IT administrators now have a secure yet easy way to centrally manage the mix of remote access services while saving on costs.

Jerusalem, Israel - Minicom Advanced Systems - a leading developer of IT & KVM remote access and management solutions for the server room and datacenter - today announced the launch of a new, open platform access management solution. AccessIT is targeted at organizations with a minimum number of IT staff that maintains and operate up to 250 IT assets (servers, virtual servers and network devices).
AccessIT consolidates all in/out-of-band services thus providing highly secure, web based, on-demand remote access at all times. Its open architecture prevents the dreaded vendor lock-in by supporting the seamless integration of 3rd party serial, power and KVM switches and devices. Other supported Access Services are VMWare, RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HP iLO, web access and custom applications.

“One of the challenges of IT in SMBs today is managing the ever-growing number of remote access protocols in a mixed and distributed IT environment” says Eran Kessel VP marketing for Minicom. “Different protocols are run through different interfaces to perform the specific maintenance and support tasks of each device. This calls for a secure, one-stop solution that organizes and simplifies the daily workload of the IT staff. We offer a dynamic library of Access Services™ from which to easily assign to targets, including multiple services to the same target. The result is a higher level of IT service, efficiency and productivity from which the entire organization benefits. It enables to do “more with less” and as opposed to license based enterprise management systems, AccessIT is an affordable one time investment with no hidden costs.”

AccessIT continues Minicom's unique Real Needs approach of repurposing installed analog KVM systems by simply adding a layer of KVM IP devices.

For a free interactive demo of AccessIT, fill out this form and a technical expert will contact you to set it up.

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