Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Minicom and Digi: Successful Remote Serial Access Management

In-band and out-of-band access of network devices such as routers, switches and servers are critical in designing and maintaining robust data centers. Console servers offer a secure method of accessing these devices, either through a web-based interface, or a serial or modem connection when the network is down or unavailable.

In order to deliver a high level of IT service and to reduce downtime, IT managers need a secure, efficient way of remotely managing access to their many console servers, such as Digi Passport, as well as their PDUs, KVM switches, and software access services. Using Minicom’s
AccessIT, IT personnel get consolidated and seamless remote access to all their servers, routers, switches, firewalls and other network devices from one intuitive management console.

One click brings users directly to the desired serial device. IT staff does not have to maintain databases and spreadsheets listing the IP addresses and passwords for each Digi Passport anymore. They log in once, and get a “single pane of glass view” of all their computer systems and network devices.

Check out the
application note for pretty pictures and more details.

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