Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 Things You Never Knew about Minicom's KVM Solutions

There is probably alot about KVM Solutions and even more about Minicom's KVM Solutions which you don't know. For the next two weeks we will rectify that with 10 useful facts about Minicom's KVM product offering designed to optimize your remote server management package and make your customers thank you forever.
Counting down from 10....

10) It's bigger than you think
Minicom has doubled the size of its out-of-band product and solution offering in the last 2 years. Today's portfolio includes a host of new and improved remote access, control and management solutions including analog and digital KVM switches (Smart 116IP, Smart 108/116), KVM IP Gateways (PX, Smart IP Access, IP Control), power control switches (RPS, RPS Serial), and centralized management (

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