Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Event Summary: KVM.net II Certification

Last week, 15 Minicom resellers braved the terrible weather and travelled to the NY/NJ area to become certified to sell KVM.net II, Minicom’s revolutionary remote access management platform. Our local partners were well represented while others came from as far away as Colorado, Texas, and Canada. We also had the pleasure of welcoming Randy Yoder of Iowa City’s Mercy Hospital. Randy gave our resellers a great presentation about Mercy’s specific requirements and how Minicom provided a solution with a mix of the PX and KVM.net II.

The day also included an overview of KVM.net II positioning, key differentiators, features and functionality and several case studies. Our partners were able to configure the KVM.net II during the “hands on” portion of the day prior to any technical training, proving that KVM.net II is the most intuitive remote access management platform on the market. During the group sessions our partners were separated into 4 groups, each with a distinct list of customer requirements. Each group was tasked to develop a solution to meet their customer’s requirements and present the solution to all of the participants.

These partners are now members a select group of certified resellers of KVM.net II. They left the training with a detailed understanding not only of KVM.net II, but Minicom’s entire remote access solution set and value proposition. With the sales activity that began immediately after the event, we are proud to call the event an unmitigated success.

Jennifer Vallarautto, President, TechSolutions, Inc./Office Out Of The Box had this to say:

“When I was invited to attend Minicom’s training on KVM.net II, I was not sure what to expect. After all, I am in sales, and have not installed or used any of these products myself. After the training, which took only a day, I not only knew product benefits and features, I also knew how to use the systems. As a certified partner, I am now better able to consult with my customers and help them select the best products for them.”


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