Thursday, September 10, 2009

KVM Technology - Choosing the Right One

David Miller, P. Eng. gives a very good analysis of a article – KVM Technology - How to Choose the Right KVM Switch for Your Small Server Room Published

The author has emphasized an area that is not a serious issue in most installations and at the same time has missed an opportunity to educate the reader on one exposure that can lead to the very serious consequence of having to reboot servers. In addition, the author failed to bring up two very important aspects: mouse synchronization with IP enabled KVM switches as well as the ability of seeing all installed KVM switches as part of best practices within the context of IT infrastructure.
David’s brings up some considerable issues with the eWeek article. I agree with him that one important missing topic the article overlooks is mouse synchronization with IP enabled KVM switches. If you choose to read both articles, you will have a very good overview on how to choose the right KVM switch for a small server room.

Read David Miller’s full analysis of the article>>

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