Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Spotlight: SMART 116 IP (KVM IP Switch -1 User - 16 Ports)

This week we look at the Minicom Smart 116IP :

The Minicom Smart 116IP (KVM IP) Switch gives a system administrator secure, BIOS level access and control to a rack of up to 16 servers either remotely or locally. Smart 116IP is a rack-mountable KVM access solution that can be managed seamlessly under Minicom's Access IT centralized management system - making it the ideal solution for forward looking corporations requiring a versatile, high-performance KVM switch today, and centralized management tomorrow.
Smart 116 IP is also ideal for SMB’s operating servers that require the flexibility of both local and remote administration (local analog, LAN, WAN or Internet).


  • Controls up to 16 servers from a single console
  • Local or internet connection
  • AccessIT enabled
  • New ROC (RICC on Cable) technology
  • Up to 30m/100ft between computer and switch
  • Rack-mountable, space-saving
  • Multi-layer security
  • Multi-platform capable

Product Reference: 0SU70030A (USA Orders) 0SU70030 (All other orders)

Free online product test drive available for this product>>

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