Monday, January 04, 2010

Goodbye to 2009, From an IT Perspective

Just when you thought 2009 was so over…a last lingering look at memorable IT moments that can inform decisions and directions in 2010:

top five IT leadership blogs of 2009 span the range from entertaining (20 cynical project management tips) to advice (10 great ideas from five great bosses) – no wonder they made the list.

Top 15 Tech Events of the Decade will make you smile with recognition at trends past and present. Despite the proliferation of social media, “unfriend” is 2009’s word of the year. Remember the terror that accompanied the deadly phrase “Y2K?” Read them all and see if you agree that these are the top 15.

Even the
New York Times got into the act, with an article about how to make science and technology “cooler” so that promising students will be drawn to the field. C’mon, won’t you miss those bottleneck glasses and shirts buttoned all the way to the collar? How will we recognize the computer geeks if they walk among us in disguise?

Everybody enjoys watching someone else admit they were wrong. Enjoy a recap of
2009's most notable IT apologies, which includes a critique of the quality of the apologies. For example: using Twitter to apologize for an application which offered guys advice how to pick up women? Really? Pepsi’s half hearted mea culpa only earned a rating of one, while Google’s apology for its Gmail outage garnered a respectable 8.5.

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