Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minicom and SharkRack Partnership Announced

With SharkRack as a reseller, Minicom expands its presence in the US IT market

We are pround to announce a partnership with SharkRack, a premier provider of infrastructure solutions for data centers and network rooms. SharkRack chose Minicom as their KVM vendor because of their advanced IP KVM and KVM over CAT5 product lines, which include remote access management solutions, KVM switches, LCD drawers with integrated KVM switches, and KVM IP gateways.

“SharkRack’s proven track record of recognizing and responding to the changing needs of data centers makes them an exciting company to have as a partner,” said David Zucker, Director of Business Development at Minicom. “The flexibility and creativity that SharkRack offers its customers is a perfect fit with Minicom’s real needs™ approach, which advocates a customer-centric philosophy. Opening a direct relationship with SharkRack gives our customers better visibility to our industry leading solutions, and we feel confident this partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial.”

"Minicom's breadth of products, advanced technologies and commitment to creating customer focused solutions were the main criteria for why we chose to partner with Minicom,” stated Seth Schalet, president of SharkRack. “Minicom offers easily upgradeable platforms that provide our customers with a long-term solution for supporting their LCD and KVM product needs that is consistent with SharkRack's vision of bundled and standalone intelligent infrastructure solutions."

Join SharkRack and Minicom for "A Look Into Remote Access and Control Solutions" on February 3rd, 2010, from 10AM until 2PM, in Newark, California. In addition to a discussion of how remote access is evolving and can add value to organizations, there will be a drawing for a $200 American Express gift card. Sign up here: http://event.pingg.com/remoteaccessevent!

To learn more about Minicom, visit http://www.minicom.com/. To learn more about SharkRack, visit http://www.sharkrack.com/.

About SharkRack

SharkRack is a premier provider of infrastructure solutions for data centers and network rooms. We provide products and engineering services to improve the cost-effectiveness, availability and viability of mission-critical data and networking systems. For almost a decade, leading organizations in a variety of fields—from telecommunications to financial services to government and military—have trusted SharkRack for advanced data center solutions.

SharkRack's history of innovation includes pioneering multi-vendor rack-mounting systems. Today, we are leading the industry in addressing a new set of challenges—in cooling, space, management, and security, and other areas—through an approach that views the data center as a single, interdependent system. Our sharp focus on the problems facing modern data center workers and managers allows SharkRack to give customers the independent attention and flexible service required to solve unique technical and business problems.

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