Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four IT Pitfalls to Avoid This Year

According to Netcordia (full article here), here are the potential problem areas that await IT managers this coming year:

Unstable network infrastructure will be the undoing of ambitious virtualization projects.

Outages and more outages – at least five big ones in the next 6 months

Non compliance will lead to firings and fees as it is enforced more strictly

An increase in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity will result is a heavier burden on IT departments

“With the potential for network errors to wreak havoc in 2010, network managers will play a crucial role to navigate these potential pitfalls,” said Don Pyle, Netcordia’s CEO. “Based on what’s at stake, here are two more predictions: network managers’ work week will increase 20% – a full day – and ultimately, the network management role will finally get the respect it deserves.”

The specificity of these claims lend them a convincing ring. Time will tell definitively if these predictions will come to pass. Are you doing anything today to avoid the headaches described here?

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