Monday, February 01, 2010

Data Centers Go Mainstream

Gone are the days when data centers conjured up images of big scary machines in some isolated area. Data centers are enjoying a renaissance in popular culture, with an updated, hip image, and they are cropping up in some surprising places.

Taking the kids to Disney World? Make sure to hit IBM’s SmarterPlanet exhibit, which shows the practical application of the way computers affect and enhance daily life. According to the article on
Data Center Knowledge:

“The exhibit is the latest sign data center technology is gaining a higher profile, slowly shedding the anonymity of the back-office server room or remote data center in a secure, undisclosed location. As the Internet becomes a more integral part of everyday life and the American economy, the back-end is moving out front.”

How about the fact that Facebook’s building of a data center (
full story here) is considered newsworthy? If Facebook does not personify pop culture today, what does? Reassuring to know that your social network will now be managed by the company itself, and relax – Facebook plans on implementing lots of energy saving measure, so you can "friend" without guilt.

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