Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Data Center & Cow Manure: The Scoop on HP’s Innovation

Source for diagram here

HP’s new “server farm” concept is all over the news. The idea, as outlined in an academic paper, is as follows: take cow dung and convert it to energy in order to power data centers.

From an article on Mobiledia (
full story here):

“Patel [Chandrakant Patel, the director of at HP Labs] said that 10,000 cows, each producing 20 metric tons of manure a year, could generate enough electricity to run a one-megawatt facility -- a small to medium-size unit, for instance, used by a bank.”

Don’t think about it next time you are at the ATM…

Read about the UK data center already using the approach outlined by HP

Coverage from SustainLane

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