Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IT Giants Extending the Life of Data Center Legacy Equipment

Even data center giants such as Dell are holding back on purchasing new IT equipment and trying to make the most of what they have already bought.

According to an article on
Triple Pundit:

“Last month, Dell made the somewhat shocking announcement that it may never build another data center. The company was referring to the fact that it’s doubled its workload using no extra power and building no new data centers, simply by squeezing more capacity out of its existing servers.”

Companies such as HP and Wells Fargo are adopting similar strategies in the hopes of saving energy and money.

Minicom embraced this philosophy years ago with the
Real Needs™ approach. The basic philosophy of our Real Needs™ approach is to make sure that you have the most efficient hardware for your data center requirements without spending IT dollars for equipment that you don't need. Rather than advocate a "rip and replace" approach, the Real Needs™ approach preserves past investments by repurposing and updating existing equipment. We utilize the infrastructure, installation, and training that you already have, and add the elements that are missing.

Find out how Minicom can help extend the life of the IT equipment you already have.

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