Monday, May 17, 2010

One-Click Solutions: the Answer for Remote Access

According to an article in IT Business Edge entitled “Five Ways to Rethink Remote Access,” it is time for companies to evaluate and update their remote access policies (full story here).

When discussing remote access for employees, the article lauds the value of one-click solutions and a simple user interface:

“A one-click solution will shorten the amount of time it takes to train an employee. Companies can cut down their IT training because the network security portion is easy. A trouble-free solution will also increase productivity among the office and make employees satisfied because they are eliminating an annoyance.
Not only is connecting to the network easier with a one-click solution, but also making the user interface is simple to understand is important. Employees need to understand their connection and real-time information and not waste time trying to grasp it. “
My sentiments exactly!

Minicom’s remote access solutions for data centers epitomize one-click, simple remote access management, designed for ease of use.

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