Monday, February 23, 2009

Customer Stories Wanted

This is a call for customer stories which I would like to feature on the blog regularly.

As Minicom system integrators and partners, you are the eyes and ears to the end users. I am looking for customer stories to publish on a regular basis. With your help we can offer solution ideas that can be helpful for others.

Please take a minute to submit the following information from a recent installation or sale:

1. What is the type of customer? IT manager of SMB or vertical market? Bank, school, etc? (we respect the privacy rights of our customers and will not use a company name unless there is permission to do so.)
2. What is the specific problem they need to solve?
3. What Minicom product did you use for the solution? And, were there any other products that worked together with Minicom to help solve the problem?
4. What is the reason the customer chose this specific problem? Financial, easy use, simplify actions?
5. Did this specific solution help you in the future to solve similar problems?
6. If there was any feedback, what was it?
7. How did this solution help the customer?
8. Do you have a pictures of where the installation took place for a visual reference?

If your customer story is chosen to appear on the blog, do you want to help promote your business with a free link to your business/company or direct contact information? If not, please specify and we will keep all information anonymous.

Please send all customer stories to

Thank you for your participation!

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