Monday, November 30, 2009

The Challenge of Getting Rid of Old IT Hardware Responsibly

TechNewsWorld’s article looks at the answers of 206 participants from Aberdeen's "Responsible Disposal of IT Assets" study (November 2009).

The study showed that while protecting data and complying with environmental legislation are primary concerns, many companies do not have a procedure in place for getting rid of old hardware, so it is not done properly.

Check out what respondents had to say; it’s interesting to see the disparity between what people believe and what actually gets done.

For example, even though three of the top four pressures driving current investments revolve around environmental concerns, according to the article:

“Just 20 percent of all respondents identified enforcement of compliance with environmental regulations as a leading strategy, and just 10 percent currently determine business practices based on green guidelines.”

What explanation do you think is plausible for this disparity?

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