Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swine Flu = Increased Demand for Secure Remote Access

The H1N1 pandemic is having a direct effect on IT infrastructure decisions.
According to InfoWorld:

“The H1N1 pandemic is pushing companies to upgrade their secure remote access capabilities in order to enable more employees to work out of their homes and other remote locations in an emergency.

Vendors of remote access technologies are reporting an unexpected increase in demand for their products over the past several months as a result of H1N1-related concerns.”

It makes sense, as offices may close if the number of sick employees is too high, or if healthy parents of sick children want to work from home.

Don’t get caught without a plan. The RSA on-demand authentication system described in the article is fine for emergencies, but does not sound ideal, long term.

Minicom has a number of secure remote access solutions, including
AccessIT, that can help your company get ready in the unfortunate event that swine flu rears its ugly head.

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