Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ideas for 40% Energy Savings in Your Data Center

eWeek’s article on How to Achieve 40 Percent Energy Savings in Your Data Center has an alluring angle that makes sense, given the state of the world economy today:

“Instead of focusing on the exotic technologies used by newly constructed, ultra-efficient data centers such as those used by Google, this article will deal primarily with the best ways to improve the efficiency of the many middle-aged and older facilities that still constitute the majority in use by enterprises, universities and government agencies. Since most real-world facilities have finite budgets and cannot afford downtime, we'll pay special attention to upgrades that offer fast payback periods and pose a minimum of disruption to normal operations.”

It delivers. The strategies outlined here are long on time but do not require major expenditures at the outset, with an eye towards practical implementation.

One particularly valuable gem which should be intuitive but still helps to hear:

“Don't believe vendors' marketing hype; analyze their claimed benefits within the context of your own data center's needs and ‘personality.’ "

This way, even if you have chosen to go with a certain product, you can get an accurate assessment of how their offering integrates with your set-up.

Energy is getting tons of airtime these days. A new company called Viridity is the newest player in the growing market of companies who specialize in how to help data centers save energy (
full story here). Their approach is pragmatic rather than idealistic, and speaks to pocketbooks vs. consciences:

“While Viridity is striking a mildly green pose—the company logo features a little green leaf sprouting from the ‘V’—Rowan [the company’s founder and chief technology officer] thinks it’s the high cost of electricity, rather than concern about carbon emissions or climate change, that will ultimately send customers his way.
‘“You can put a business case around everyone of these decisions,’ he says. ‘Why overtly talk about how it’s the right thing for the planet, when there’s a business case around it? You will get more done with less cost and less power.’ ”

On a related note,
click here to read about the EPA’s energy saving initiatives.

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