Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Webinar: Building upon your Legacy Data Center Infrastructure

Webinar Invitation:
Building upon your Legacy Data Center Infrastructure – Do More With Less
Date: Thursday, July 23 at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST
Length: 60 minutes

Speakers: Mike Tresh (Wright Line) & David Zucker (Minicom)

The subject of this informative webinar is 'doing more with less'. Both Wright Line and Minicom offer solutions that enable data center professionals to add-on important functionality to their existing KVM switches and IT enclosures.

Mike Tresh
Director, Data Center Marketing
Wright Line

From Wright Line learn how to:

  • Do more with less in a smaller data center footprint with increasing high-density IT loads
  • More effectively and efficiently utilize existing physical infrastructure and cooling capacity
  • Eliminate "stranded" physical, electrical or mechanical capacity
  • Convert existing enclosures to more effectively capture and direct hot exhaust air back to precision cooling units
  • Eliminate the incremental capital expense associated with having to add more CRAC units or other supplemental cooling
David Zucker
Director of Business Development

  • Integrate new technology that is essential to the growth of the business in times of recession
  • Create a management strategy that will increase your IT staff's efficiency using many of the resources you already have in place
  • Upgrade or transition any analog KVM switch into an IP KVM, quicker, with less training and do it for less cost than you would ever think
  • Add Remote KVM access capability on a tight budget

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