Monday, July 06, 2009

Sneak Peak: Power On Cable Gets a Good Start

Last month Asher Bazak, Assistant Project Manager at Minicom went to the Industrial Market Technology 2000 event in Tel Aviv, Israel. He met up with some ex-colleagues that sell environmental equipment to the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Israel.
At the show he brought a few prototypes including the soon to be released Minicom POC. (The Minicom POC is “Power on Cable” - a remote power control device) Asher hooked it up to a laptop via HyperTerminal and played around with shutting down and powering on the PC that was connected for the exhibit.

Asher says “they really liked the idea that you could work with open RS232 protocol. They felt that the perfect markets for this product are the industrial companies controlling power of ac and servers. It’s also a perfect fit for environmental units and fits into their green initiative plans as well as saving money and conserving energy, time & workers.”

In addition he said that “one thing that they really liked was that the POC is compatible with most IP serial devices – avoiding vendor lock-in.”

The POC will soon join Minicom's other remote access products and will be capable of being managed using both AccessIT and II centralized access management solutions.

Watch this space for the POC release or find out more right now - contact a Minicom Rep in your area

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