Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ideas that work - a remote KVM strategy for any size organization

When we first promoted the concept of upgrading an installed analog KVM switch to an IP switch by simply adding an IP gateway, I thought this strategy was perfect for small and medium size companies that don’t have IT budgets of enterprise organizations. But in this economy I am finding this approach is valid for Fortune 500 companies as well.

We are working with a globally recognized company on their US datacenter consolidation plans. They have to implement an IP KVM solution to fit their support strategy of following the sun. We originally proposed our Smart multi-user IP KVM switches. The solution fit their needs until they said, sounds great but we can’t afford anything close to that. We quickly changed gears and told them for about 1/10th the cost they can get remote KVM functionality by adding a Minicom IP gateway to their installed base of dozens of working analog switches. This was the perfect compromise of the real functionality they need and cost.

Sure the sale is a fraction of the original proposal but it is a sale not a proposal that will be delayed quarter after quarter due to a shrinking budget. The customer had to sacrifice on some features they wanted but they have the remote KVM access to the servers in their new datacenters that was not within reach with a new digital KVM installation. This might be the answer for your remote access needs or your customers.

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