Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AccessIT Provides Single Sign-on Remote Access to VMware Virtual Machines

Official Press Release:

Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading developer of IT & KVM remote access solutions for the server room and datacenter announces that AccessIT - its open platform access management solution for corporate IT - supports “one-click” remote access to VMware virtual servers.

“One of the challenges of IT in growing SMBs today is integrating new technologies like VMware virtualization into an installed base of physical servers” says Eran Kessel, VP marketing for Minicom. “This new heterogeneous and sometimes geographically distributed IT environment calls for a solution that simplifies daily routines and keeps the IT staff just-a-click-away from all IT assets in the organization, regardless of their device type or access protocol used. AccessIT is a secure, one-stop web based solution that organizes the remote access “mess” and unifies the workload of IT staff, wherever they are at any given moment”.

AccessIT is targeted at organizations with a minimum number of IT staff that maintains and operate up to 250 IT assets (servers, virtual servers and network devices). AccessIT consolidates all in/out-of-band services thus providing highly secure, web based, on-demand remote access at all times. Its open architecture prevents the dreaded vendor lock-in by supporting seamless integration of 3rd party serial, power and KVM switches and devices. Other supported Access Services are RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HP iLO, web access and custom applications.

Minicom is a member of the VMware TAP program and has its management systems listed in the TAP Partner Products Catalog. Visit the VMware partner website at http://www.vmware.com/partnercentral

Learn more about AccessIT and Minicom:
Download the free version of AccessIT to test in your own server room (Limited to 3 users,10 targets & 3 KVM IP devices) or watch the online tutorial of our enterprise version (KVM.net II). Request a guided tour with an expert or interact with the online live product test drive

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